Ordering Medal Stickers
Citadelles du Vin awarded you a medal ?
Congratulations! Your clients will appreciate and acknowledge the excellence of your work.
Do not hesitate to use the adhesive medal stickers, the sticker makes your product stand out from the competition.

 Medaille-Or-Citadelles-du-Vin-2016    Medaille-Argent-Citadelles-du-Vin-2016

To order adhesive medal stickers, download and print the ORDER FORM

Award certificate

Citadelles du Vin have awarded you a medal and you undoubtedly wish to inform your clients of this success?
Send them a copy of your official award certificate, available in the section Awards winners.


Wine tasting note
Your wine tasting notes whether or not you are awarded a prize.
You will receive within 2 weeks of the competition the grade of your wine(s) by post.Trophee-Citadelles-du-VinThis grade will be the average of all grades given by the jury


Trophies Citadelles : Wine tastings
The Special Awards ceremony will take place just prior to the Vinexpo Hong Konk on 23 May.
It will be followed by a tasting of Special Prizes Wines.

Promotional Tools !

                                                                                                 Diplôme-Oenographe :
You will receive an official Diploma by post      Your wine tasting comments in image      Award Winner Plate
Diplome-Citadelles-du-Vin   oenographique-Citadelles-du-Vin plaque-laureat-Citadelles-du-Vin

- You will be included on the winners' list posted on the Web sites of the competition's partners Vitisphère and Global Wines & Spirits
- You can order self-adhesive stickers for your bottles.Price varies according to quantity. Find out more at click here

Awards Ceremony of Special Awards on 23 May as a preview to Vinexpo Hong Kong exhibition.


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