4 BOTTLES (labelled) per registered wine
2 BOTTLES (labelled) per registered spirits

Should you win a medal, we could ask you for additional samples for the promotion of your reward(s).


Analysis results less than one year old, identifying the samples and giving values for the following analytical parameters:
   • actual and potential aclohol content by volume at 20°C, expressed in % vol,
   • sugars (glucose + fructose), expressed in g/L,
   • total acidity, expressed in mEq/L,
   • volatile acidity, expressed in mEq/L,
   • total sulphur dioxide, expressed in mg/L,
   • sparkling wines: excess pressure due to carbon dioxide, expressed in bars.
Official document proving the origin of the wines or spirits.
- A consignment note* to stick on the box(es).
*For on-line registrations, the consignment note will be automatically 
sent to you by E-mail.


Please send all the samples by 17 February 2020
- With e-AD for UE countries
- DDP - 2010 Incoterms Delivery Duty Paid for non-UE countries (all transport charges, customs clearance charges, and taxes are due by the sender)

Delivery address:
Citadelles du Vin
Rue Ulysse Lainé – 33710 Bourg - France

Your samples must be packed in boxes resistant to considerable handling.
Boxes must be identified with the consignment note.


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