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Welcome to Citadelles du Vin website,

Competition patronized by the OIV and member of VINOFED*

This site is intended for all Internet users having a passion for the world's great wines : growers, tasters, consumers, distributors …

Every year, in March, over 50 top level tasters from all over the world meet in Bourg (Bordeaux-France) for several days to elect the best wines out of over 1,000 samples coming from about 30 countries.

With more than 75% of foreign wines, Citadelles du Vin competition is one of the most prestigious global competitions and embodies a true flagship for wine industry worldwide.

Find out now more about the next edition!

*VINOFED : association of the main international contests of the world gathering together only 17 competitions, among them Citadelles du Vin.

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