Ordering Medal Stickers
Citadelles du Vin awarded you a medal ?
Congratulations! Your clients will appreciate and acknowledge the excellence of your work.
Do not hesitate to use the adhesive medal stickers, the sticker makes your product stand out from the competition.

Medaille-Grand-Or-Citadelles-du-Vin-2023    Medaille-Or-Citadelles-du-Vin-2023     Medaille-Argent-Citadelles-du-Vin-2023

: Your medal orders are now available on-line from your producer's space.

Award certificate

Citadelles du Vin have awarded you a medal and you undoubtedly wish to inform your clients of this success?
Send them a copy of your official award certificate, available in your producer's space.  


Promotional Tools !

 You will receive an official Diploma by mail

Œnographique : Your wine tasting comments in image

Your Promotion

Promotion of award winners through the communications of Challenge International du Vin :
- Parutions within the famework of partnerships with SommelierS International & Echos de Bordeaux.
- Enjoy media visibility with Press releases (competition and ranking) to buyers and international Press (5,000+ contacts).

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