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As part of the Special Prize Argentina, the country to be honoured at the 2023 Citadelles du Vin, a masterclass on the bonarda grape variety in Argentinian wines was held on Sunday 12 March at the “Les Secrets de Pey La Tour” hotel in Salleboeuf. It was brilliantly hosted by our Argentinian juror Santiago L’Huillier, founder and director of the Bordeaux-based wine import company “La Sélection de l’Étranger“.

This was an opportunity to (re)discover Argentina’s fabulous vineyards and the Bonarda, which is less famous than the emblematic Malbec, yet ranks 3rd among the most widely planted grape varieties in Argentina. It is characterised by compact, medium-sized bunches that ripen late, an expressive palette of red and black berries and a good tannic structure. A selection of representative wines were tasted by our international jurors, all members of the Citadelles du Vin 2023 panel.

Thank you and bravo to Santiago for this wonderful trip!

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